What You Need To Know About The Big Wheel


The big wheel simply refers to a type of tricycle that has a larger front wheel than the smaller ones. These tricycles, which were first introduced in 1969 by Louis Marx and Company and made only in Girard (PA), are known for their distinctive style and "tire spin". The idea was that larger wheels rotated faster than smaller wheels on regular bikes, making it possible to travel at high speeds. Today, the original design still sees a great number of fans among vintage bicycle enthusiasts.

Christian Vandross, in his late thirties, created the first ever big wheel. Vandross's model was inspired by the English bike of the same time. It shared many characteristics with other models of its time, but it had one unique characteristic. It had two wheels, one on each side of the seat. It was used in racing competitions where it could easily be tested for speed.

Louis Marx, who happens to be the co-inventor of this unique bike, experimented with the design with his team. Many versions of the wheel had been tried in the early days. Louis created the version that we all know today. The final version, which you can see today, featured three wheels on each side of the seat. Later, this was changed to four wheels to improve stability.

The large wheelbase of a tricycle is essential for many reasons. Most importantly, this will allow stability for the pedals. You can also move the pedals in a natural way by changing them. In fact, it was this very feature that helped bicycles overcome the disadvantages associated with trundles, the wheel being so wide. It is this exact characteristic that gave it its reputation as a great tricycle.

The front suspension of the bike was designed in a similar way to that of the modern mountain bikes. There were no springs at the front. Instead, there were air shocks. The shock system managed to absorb the energy of pedaling, making it very smooth and efficient. A big wheel with this setup allowed for a much smoother ride.

The big wheel was available in a variety of colors back in those days, as I mentioned. The color of the leather used for the frames was often what distinguished them. To give them a more vivid look, many models had chrome-colored frames. However, leather is prone to mildew. Also, since leather is a natural material, it had to be repaired often when it became spoiled.

Because of the price, these bikes attracted many people. Today, they can cost thousands of dollars. These are not so common anymore. You should consider spending more money if you are able to find one. The investment will eventually pay off.

Check online if you are looking to buy big wheels. You will find many online stores selling large bikes. There is also an online store, which you can visit if you are unsure about what to get. There are many catalogs available and some may be willing to custom-make your bike. You can even go to their repair shop and have your bike serviced.

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