Are Casino Owners Paid Enough


Can you gamble in a casino , even if it's not legal? New Jersey, Atlantic City and Nevada have casinos that are legally licensed. So why would other states adopt their rules? A lot of states are worried about the possibility of legalizing gambling, specifically due to the increase in syndicates and gambling on the internet. Legalized gambling advocates argue that because Las Vegas is a destination place for many, there will be many people who will be looking to gamble in this location. They also emphasize that Las Vegas is a resort area where many gamble and have fun.

Legalized gambling critics are more concerned with the following issue: casinos will not be subject to any regulations or control since they will be entirely run by the market for free. The market alone will decide which games are offered and when. The owner of the casino may benefit from a system of free market gaming but it doesn't influence the people that he'd prefer to work with.

What does this mean? First, a casino owner cannot cheat the customers. They can be charged with fraud against customers. Casinos are able to offer games that aren't permitted for their clients, like roulette, poker, or slots. However there aren't any laws that prohibit them. These games can be provided in casinos and charged at the table without regard for the law.

Secondly, the customers cannot get any benefit from a casino that does not pay its winnings. The casino is responsible for paying the bills and customers will be affected if the casino fails to pay its winnings. If the casino is not paying its bills in a timely manner and is insolvent, it may go under and all cards become public record.

A third argument is that legal costs for the proof of fraud or negligence could cause the casino to go under. Once a casino has proven its negligence or fraud the lawyer may seek compensation from the casino and hold the owner responsible for all legal costs. These costs can exceed several million dollars, and it would be very financially devastating for the owner to suddenly be bankrupt because of a false lawsuit. It is more beneficial for the casino to resolve the case by negotiating with a lawyer, rather than to forgo the settlement funds. This is not just for the casino, but for the legal system because the casino's owner could decide to sue a nearby town for allegedly infringing on its right to build the casino.

Merit-based charges are a good idea for casinos because they create a win for both parties. The owner of the casino has a deal before the game gets underway. Instead of one casino demanding a significant amount of money at the beginning and another seeking the same amount The casino then pays its legal expenses, while the owner of the casino is able to save on legal fees.

While merit-based systems aren't lacking in merit, they can be very beneficial to casinos. One of the biggest issues with law in general is that it favors the powerful against vulnerable. In a legal system where lawyers are richly rewarded for bringing in a large number of cases and bringing in large amounts of money, there is no need for the poor to try to obtain justice. We create a corrupt system that doesn't benefit anyone because we give power to the powerful.

That's why I'm urging casino owners to establish the merit-based system of pay within their casinos. It is logical to give those who are entitled to fairness within an established legal system. This is the principle we are expected to follow. So take a stand for the casino owners around you and demand higher wages. It's time to realize, along with the other people in America that making money isn't the only objective for the casino industry.

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